The Allure of Silver

As one of the most useful precious metals and certainly the most affordable, silver is a great way for those who want to make precious metals investments without sacrificing an arm and a leg. Silver is abundant in comparison with platinum and gold, and for that reason, can be purchased for around $20 per ounce, a far more economical investment than that of palladium, ($700/ounce) the next most affordable precious metal. Silver is in high demand, causing its price to rise, and many investors predict that by 2014, silver will hit prices as high as $50 per ounce.

Silver is traded in the global market on a regular basis, and every day its prices and value changes. Investors can stay up to date on the trends of silver and other metals through various websites.

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The High Demand For Silver

Buying precious metals gives you the opportunity to build or expand your investment portfolio without an option that is too risky. Diversifying your investment portfolio is easy with precious metals because they are low cost, less risk and you have many to choose from. There are five main precious metals you can choose: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. While gold is the most commonly invested metal, silver isn’t far behind. It is significantly less expensive, has prices rising continuously, and there is currently a lot of demand. Here is everything you need to know about investing in silver.

About Silver
Silver is a white metal and one of the highest valued naturally occurring elements to be found. You will find silver used a lot in the consumer industry, particularly with jewelry, as well as in commercial industries and manufacturing. There are many sources for ascertaining the current price and value of silver, whether you choose bullion or other forms of investing. These references are not just for spot pricing of silver, but other precious metals as well. The spot price of silver is the delivered price of the metals. Its greatest demand is actually in current commercial industries, like technology and automotive industries, and the demand is decreasing. This causes the price of silver to go up.

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Taking Advantage of the Silver Growth Potential in 2014

Silver is a natural resource that is widely utilized in modern society and has also been a source of currency for centuries. Recently, silver has gained much traction as an investment vehicle, due to the fact that it offers much of the stability and growth potential as gold at a much lower price point. There are many factors that affect silver’s price and savvy investors are able to monitor the market and accurately predict the best times to buy, sell, or trade.

Speculators have extremely high hopes for silver in 2014 for a couple of reasons. First off, there is actually much less silver available for public consumption than most people realize. Because silver’s price is so low, most investors assume that there must be plenty available. The fact of the matter is that there is actually less silver available above ground than there is gold! The reason for this is because so much of the silver that has been mined is being used in industrial settings and can never be recovered again, no matter what.

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The Best Methods of Buying Precioius Metals in 2014

Buying precious metals has long been recognized as a safe way to invest. Silver, gold, palladium and platinum have had upswings in overall value over the last ten years. This has attracted buyers to the relative financial security that is offered by investing in precious metals.

During times of economic, political and social instability, people understandably wish to hedge their money in the market for precious metals. Increases in consumer spending are predicted in 2014, and this should boost some precious metals prices over the year. 

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Smart Investors Look to Precious Metals Investments

Precious metals investments are a safe way to invest. Silver, gold, palladium and platinum have had upswings in the past 10 years, since we live in times of economic, political and social instability. You can explore this market, along with its reliability and its bright outlook for 2014.

Buying Gold

Gold is inversely related to the US dollar. Since the end of the gold standard in 1971, dollars are no longer backed by gold. They only have worth because the government says they do.

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Putting the 2014 Precious Metals Market Outlook at Work for You

Finances Finances

If you’ve found yourself in a position where you want to protect your wealth by getting into the financial market, I strongly recommend you consider an investment in precious metals. They have actually been seen as one of the safest ways to invest your money. You also have the options of choosing from gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They have each experienced their own form of ups and downs over the past ten years. So, it will always be a good idea to keep track of the 2014 precious metals market outlook when you’ve actually put money into it. The majority of people choose precious metals for their investments because they like the idea of being able to hold and see their investment.

A gold standard was initially established after World War II when the United States dollar was given a value of $35 per troy ounce by the Bretton Woods system. This standard was kept in place all the way up to 1971 when the Nixon Shock came under blame for the stoppage of converting U.S. dollars to gold.

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Getting Started with Platinum Buying as an Investment Strategy

Platinum is the world’s most valuable precious metal, trading at around twice the price of coveted gold in world markets. For this reason, platinum buying has become a favorite strategy of investors looking to create long-term wealth. There are several different ways to get involved in the market for platinum, and to realize the gains that are possible through an investment in this rare metal. There are also several challenges to platinum as an asset that investors should be aware of as they plan their investment strategy.

Why Platinum?

Platinum buying is attractive because it is a precious metal investment, and so is based on a tangible asset as opposed to currency. Platinum demand is driven in large part by the automobile industry, which is returning to a healthy state in today’s economy. Savvy investors can also take care to capitalize on market fluctuations caused by production changes in platinum mining and refinement.

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Enhancing Your Portfolio with Precious Metals Investing

Every serious investor knows that a diversified portfolio is key to hedging against the risks that come with fluctuating asset values. One of the best ways to diversify is through precious metals investing, and particularly investing in gold. Gold is one of the most popular investments nowadays, and with good reason. It has proven to be a reliable store of value for millennia, and it continues to be a smart choice for savvy investors. Gold provides a steady return on your investment without the wild volatility that other assets can suffer from. It is a tangible commodity with a variety of uses, and an important investment tool for your portfolio.

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